Nehemiah Project – backstory – The Youth Ministry of Liberty Hill UMC was looking for local missions trips for summer. The Youth Leader, Daniel Roberts, had some personal connections with an organization that had run a program through his home church in Macon called River of Life. It was a local mission that served the community of Macon, GA. It was a collaborative effort between Rebuilding Together (a national organization) and River of Life (an effort organized among several UMC churches in GA). Rebuilding Together would provide the supplies and the work sites. River of Life would provide the labor. Teams of youth would make minor repairs to homes in the community, mostly by painting and making improvements on porches. It was a very popular trip among our Liberty Hill Youth. We participated for a couple of years, happily making the trip from Canton to Macon. In 2007, however, Patrick Hartigan and Daniel Roberts felt compelled to bring the good work being done to Cherokee County and stop making yearly trips to Macon. In an effort to be inclusive of other church denominations, it was decided that the project would be renamed “The Nehemiah Project”, a reference to the powerfully positive effect a coordinated effort can make on behalf of a community. With the support of the Liberty Hill staff and members, the first Nehemiah Project was launched in the summer of 2008. The project has taken place every July since then with an average of 120 youth with last year topping out at over 200 youth, giving 3 days of their time for the specific purpose of serving their community.

The Mission of the Nehemiah Project is to “Build Servant Hearts.” – The service projects are a vehicle for developing servant’s hearts in our youth. We love because Christ loved us first. We serve because Christ served us first. Through the Nehemiah Project, our youth develop a love of service and a willingness to give of themselves as a servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Nehemiah Project welcomes youth between 7th and 12th grades every year. Homes have been painted, porches have been repaired, roofs have been patched, playgrounds have been restored, yards have been cleaned, ramps have been built, and the community has been served for the past 8 summers.  The effort provides important improvements to several homes in Cherokee County, in turn making our community a better place to live.  In some instances the repairs make a difference for the homeowner to remain in a safe environment therefore eliminating the ultimate possibility of becoming homeless.  The homeowner not only receives badly needed housing assistance, but experiences the love of Christ through these young people who work very hard to help individuals who they didn’t even know before, but now call them friend.

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